Real Estate Services


Based on years of experience, we are pleased to offer you expert advice and support when purchasing a property (whether for private use or as an investment).

  • Access to every property on the market
  • Specializing in waterfront homes and vacant land
  • Drawing up contracts for sale and purchase
  • Negotiating sales price
  • Assistance until successful closing when title is transferred

Our work does not end at the title company’s office. We will be happy to help you with the many tasks that follow after the purchase:


After the Purchase

  • Hook up utilities, phone service etc.
  • Arrange for insurance coverage
  • Prepare tax documents for investment or rental properties
  • Discuss and coordinate renovation work
  • Furnish property
  • Be available for tenants at rental properties


New Construction

We work with several well-known local builders who have been active for many years in the Cape Coral market and have verifiable qualifications.

It will be our pleasure to arrange an initial consultation.